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Chungjungone Sunchang Gochujang is a top-quality product with its deep taste. Chungjungone Sunchang Gochujang tastes good as it is made in Sunchang, famous for the production of traditional Korean sauces. Mix the fermented meju (soybeans) with glutinous rice, red pepper powder, dextrose syrup and ferment until it has its unique color. It has glutinous and spicy taste.

Used for gochujang spaghetti, pork bulgogi, pan-broiledoctopus/squid, gochujang stew, bibimbap

As you like, fry, season or boil stew with gochujang. Or, you can make less spicy gochujang sauce by mixing it with fresh cream

gochujang spaghetti, pork bulgogi, fried seafood, stew, bibimbap, seasoned food

Ingredients: Red pepper mixed seasoning (red pepper powder, waterm salt, garlic, onion), corn syrup, brown rice, water, fermented soybeanpaste (soybean, salt), isomaltooligosaccharide, salt, alcohol, (to preserve freshness), red pepper pwoder, sweet brown rice flour, yeast extract powder, flavor enhancer E621, yeast extract, dextrin

Nutrition per 100g: energy 848,5kJ/203kcal, fatt 1,6g (of which saturated 0,4g) carbohydrate 44,7g (of which sugars 22,8g), protein 4,3g, salt 6,31g

Producer, Daesang, South Korea

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