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Tofu Firm Mori-Nu 340g Tetrapack


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Tofu firm Mori-Nu 340g Tetrapack
Firm tofu is used mainly for soups
Low-fat, heart-healthy vegetable protein with soy isoflavones.
Smooth, silken texture. Great alternative to meat, eggs, and dairy.
Fresh-sealed package. No refrigeration required until opened.
All natural. No preservatives.
Dairy free. Vegan.
Guaranteed quality.

Each Mori-Nu box is a little tofu "factory". A blend of wholesome non-GMO soybeans, water, and natural coagulant is poured into each Mori-Nu package. Once hermetically sealed, the rich soymilk is transformed into smooth, silken tofu right inside the box. This award-winning package protects tofu from the effects of light, air, and bacteria, and keeps Mori-Nu fist day fresh until opened. No preservatives. For more information, receipes, tips visit