Čaj z horských citrónů a medu (Yuja cha) Ottogi 500g View larger

Citron Tea Ottogi 1000g (without honey)


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Tea made of mountain lemons 1000g, does not contain honey
Producer: Ottogi
Koreans tum to yuja-cha when the bitterness of winter cold gets the better of them. Yuja is a round, lemon-like citrus fruit, also known as yuzu in Japanese and English. It has an aroma which cannot be substituted, a powerful acidity and a plentiful supply of vitamin C.
Yuja tea is usually served hot, and can be served after a meal or by itself. Like hot lemon and honey, it provides comfort when you have a cold.
Try mixing a heaping tablespoon with 1/2 to 2/3 cup of boiling water. Serve in a small cup with a spoon. Drink the liquid, and, if you like, eat the peel with your spoon.

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